Wine Tasting Paris

Cours de dégustation de vins, cours d'oenologie à Paris

Wake up your nose and your papillae thanks to French wines!

This wine tasting allows you to discover and to develop your knowledge of producers selected by our Master's degree in oenology.

We propose team building animations around the aromas of the wine, which aim at improving the cohesion, the intercultural exchange, the interpersonal communication and the collective decision-making. They lean on a playful and participative approach to learn to know each other, to reveal the talents hidden from each and to tighten the links within the group.

They allow you to relax and to offer yourself a break by fitting in a day of dense seminary. They are ideal to revitalize and federate a team around common objectives. These animations around the aromas of the wine request alternately the collaborators and their team, articulate in three phases: blind tasting (black glasses), quiz discovery of the French vineyard and the commented tasting.

Through his selection, you'll discover or deepen your knowledges on the various countries (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, champagne). Do not be lost anymore in front of a restaurant card or in front of a wine beam !

Some ideas of animation :

Tasting in black glasses 
Forget your visual marks and trust only your sense of smell and your taste to appreciate four wines. Guaranteed surprises!
The match Bordeaux vs. Bourgogne
Through two white wines and two red wines, discover what combines but also separates both more prestigious wine-producing regions of France.
Unsuspected great wines 
There is not only Meursault and Saint-Emilion in life! Discover four underestimated naming which can boast of producing great wines which do not have to blush in front of their illustrious elders. 

 The tastings of wines take place with adapted glasses to well define the aromas and are accompanied of snacks.


The service includes :

* A course of wine tasting of 1 hour or 2 hours

* Flat and sparkling waters, selection of wines by your oenologist

* One or several talented oenologists

Vos options

  • Trust our oenologist to propose you a selection of wines in agreement dishes and wines during the tasting or during the animation on an idea of blind tasting (quiz)
  • And what if you took the time by organizing a seminary before or after your cooking course?
  • A little personnalized gift to offer to your guests ? Our embroidered aprons, boxes of wine or cookbooks...
  • Want details? A thematic flower arrangement of your tables is proposed
  • Surprise your guests by proposing them a creation of cocktails animation or mocktails (without alcohols) to welcome them


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Details of the course
Invigorate your meetings with our wine tasting

2 hours


From 5 to 200

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