French Molecular Cooking Lesson in Paris

Cooking courseCooking course
cours de cusine moléculaire teambuilding, Paris

Come to discover the techniques of molecular gastronomy to realize a menu from A to Z.

In a friendly atmosphere you will execute several techniques of molecular gastronomy to realize a whole meal under the flag of the molecular gastronomy. You will realize a classic and an inverse spherification and will learn to manipulate a siphon.


The service includes :  

* A cooking course of 1 hour or 2 hours (possibility to make an animation of 1 hour or 2 hours + the meal (1 hour))

* Flat and sparkling waters, fruit juices, espresso or Marriage Brothers tea, selection of Bordeaux wines by your chef (Independent wine growers)

* One or several talented professors of cooking, 1 kitchen help

* The Organic ingredients (eggs, milk, cheese), Fruits, Meats and Fishes directly from Rungis and the necessary equipment of cooking (our embroidered aprons are lent and you leave with your chef's hat!)

* Recipes are sent by email after the course to allow you to amaze your friends and families !


Your options

Trust our oenologist to propose you a selection of wines in agreement dishes and wines during the tasting or during the animation on an idea of blind tasting (quiz)

And what if you took the time by organizing a seminary before or after your cooking course?

A little personnalized gift to offer to your guests ? Our embroidered aprons, boxes of wine or cookbooks...

Want details? A thematic flower arrangement of your tables is proposed

Surprise your guests by proposing them a creation of cocktails animation or mocktails (without alcohols) to welcome them


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Details of the course
Spherification and gelification will have no more secrets for you after this molecular cooking course

2 hours


From 8 to 100

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